There is an individual who has accused me of stealing
my own writing and artwork and many other false allegations.

I am providing information here relative to this.
ANYONE who use Paint Shop Pro and Paint Shop Pro Picture Tubes is
at the mercy of individual such as this person, who make false
allegations while hiding behind a computer.

This person was in fact, in violation of copyright violations
herself in creating a list to post the Cherokee Feast of Days,
a book which is well know and copyrighted. She created a list
through Yahoo groups for this purpose and was contacted by the
author and publisher. Not until she had this list a long time
and not until AFTER she had been contacted for copyright
violation herself, did she gain permission to post from this book.
The Author was very generous indeed in permitting her to do so.

But she is attacking not only me and my artwork but many others as
well on the net who create their own personal webpages and artwork.
All digital photographs are mine. All artwork I have created using
Paint Shop Pro has been done by me.

I am not in violation of any copyright, nor have I ever been.
But beware, because you could be the next victim of this person.


I own all the digital photographs and the artwork I have created is done with a program called Paint Shop Pro. Paint Shop Pro uses what they call pictures tubes, which permits you to superimpose an image on a graphic or digital photograph, which permits individuals to create their own graphics and/or digital artwork.

Copyright of the paint shop pro tubes can be found at this webpage: (but below is the email I received from the owners of the website in regard to this matter:

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Sent: Thursday, January 30, 2003 5:29 PM
Subject: FYI

Hi there..we'er so sorry to hear about your me we have been there !! I mean from other people wanting to start trouble..the artist have always been very nice and understanding ..we do and have always tried to be sure that there are links back to any artist we use and that has always been all that they ask..if we hear any different we would do what they wish because it is the right way to do it and I don't blame them for asking for a link thats more than fair for being able to use their so you know and can be at ease we are just fine with the artist and tubes that we have on the site and have always ask for and gotten permission and supplied a link..Happy to do that...and as I said if at any point that changes for whatever reson we would eaither removed or add something if need for the other people..well they are a pain in the you know what and always some out there..hang in there and keep making your great site as long as the artist is happy the other people can just blow it out of their take care now and thanks for letting us know whats been going on..we are so sorry but the tubes are ok to use..some have been on our site for over three years now..Judy and Ken

Winter's Tubes

Winter's Tubes

You can contact them if you wish and you can see by visiting their website they have obtained permission to create picture tubes from the artists involved.

They created most of the tubes I use in my artwork. Yesterday, I received an email from an artist named Henri Peter. Apparently someone had complained about copyright violation to him and made several other false allegations. Winter's World obtained permission from Mr. Peter to use his artwork in creating some of their picture tubes. On their website, they have artists listed who have given permission. I had never heard of Mr. Peter prior to this and immediately contacted him. He has granted permission to me personally as well to use his artwork in graphics and digital art I create on my own personal webpage as well.

I have never been sued for copyright violations.

I have never had any websites removed as the individuals who contacted him have claimed. This is a personal vendetta that dates back to 1999. At that time, I was harassed and stalked for nearly 2 years by a group of individuals. There were no anti-stalking laws in place then, as there is now, so they are once again attempting to discredit me. They even state I steal my own writing and poetry. I am currently in the process of exercising legal action against them.

I can prove all the digital photographs are mine. I created all the artwork from my software program.

I have permission to use those tubes in doing so. I am providing you with the letter from Mr. Peters, that I received yesterday:

This is what transpired yesterday: (I have highlighted the artist's permission)

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From: henri peter
To: Svhyeyi Aga
Sent: Thursday, January 30, 2003 12:12 PM
Subject: Re: copyright infringements!!!

dear evening rain,
just put: some of the art shown was originally painted by henri peter
and show a link to my site.
that's all i need. sorry about the misunderstanding.
many thanks,
yours truly, henri peter


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From: Svhyeyi Aga
To: henri peter
Sent: Thursday, January 30, 2003 11:52 AM
Subject: Re: copyright infringements!!!

My apologies Mr. Peter. I did not know about you, because I never stole your artwork. The individual who may have contacted you, I see no name here, but I suspect who is behind it. It could be someone called xxxxxxxxxxx or someone named xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx several people on the internet who have done nothing but harass me and others on many issues. Now it's this.

The artwork that you see is created using my own digital photographs and Paint Shop Pro Picture tubes which is used with a software program called Paint Shop Pro. The tubes were not made by me. They were created by a site called Winter's World and are offered to everyone as a free download to be used with Paint Shop Pro. You can visit their site at this url:

Winter's Tubes

What Paint Shop Pro does - is that whoever creates what they call picture tubes, in using this program, it permits you to superimpose images on a graphic or create one, etc. The people at this site are very nice people and I don't think they ever meant to harm you or anyone in any way at all. I know that I sure did not mean to harm you and the graphics I created and the cards I offer I do so at no profit or financial gain at all.

People all over the internet use Paint Shop Pro and picture tubes in creating graphics. And there are many sites that offer these picture tubes for download, for free.

I am very sorry I never heard of you before, but that's because I have never seen any of your websites. I certainly meant no offense in that regard.

I would be most happy to give you full credit for your artwork and would have done so, if I had known this was your art. And I feel confident that the people who have created these picture tubes would feel the same way. As I said, they seem to be very nice people and their site is well known all over and they do not charge anyone for the tubes they create and offer for personal use.

On our personal website I have a page where I talk about Paint Shop Pro here:

Paint Shop Pro

I state that I do not create the tubes, although I have made one myself using a feather I have.

The three attachments you have here, were used with tubes and my own digital photos. I have proof these photos are my own. The allegations that were made to you are completely false. They don't even have my name right - it's Jeanne Chadwick. I have never been sued for copyright infringement. The individuals making this claim have even stated that I steal my own writing - which is on my website. I write poetry and offer it freely to those who may wish to use it. I also write short stories.

The people who contacted you, began to stalk and harass me and others in 1999. It continued for nearly 2 years unstopped - threats - phone calls, they are very vicious people and hide behind screen names and numerous email addresses. Now that there are anti-stalking laws in most states they no longer come at people as they did in emails before, so they have contacted you in the attempt to hurt me again.

I am disabled, on a fixed income and I have taught myself webdesign and do what I do to keep myself occupied and hopefully to bring something good to others and for no other reason. Not any self-gain and again, I clearly state I have not created these pictures tubes, that it is digital art and that while the photos are mine, the tubes are not my creation.

I would love to continue to use the tubes Winter's World has created and I know there are many other websites that must be using these tubes as well, although I could not even begin to list them, because the program is used by many people and the sites that offer free Paint Shop Pro Tubes for download are used by probably thousands of people all over the internet. I cannot help you in that regard.

I hope you will permit me to continue to use these tubes. I will be more than happy to list a page recognizing your artwork and talent and listing all your websites.

I also hope you will permit Winter's World to continue to offer these tubes - as it brings so much pleasure to so many who make personal websites. None of these people I believe, are doing it for financial gain, but simply to create a beautiful website. Take a look at Winter's site and see what tubes are available there. The ones you point out here, the one of the woman with the flowing hair, has been offered for a long time. The other two are more recent, I believe.

I look forward to hearing from you and again I apologize, but I did nothing wrong intentionally. I am sorry you have been used by these people on the internet to get back at me and others, but at the same time, I am glad that you know that these tubes are available and will get the credit you deserve for your artwork.

No one has ever shut down any website that I have. I hope that whoever contacted you, if you do have a name and email address you would share that with me. After all this time of being harassed by these people, I am hiring an attorney to put an end to it. I have tried to ignore it, and it has caused great distress to me physically over the last few years. I have many serious health problems and I certainly don't need this to continue on. Having survived ovarian cancer the past year and other problems, I cannot permit their viciousness to continue to impact upon my health.

I look forward to hearing from you Mr. Peter.

Again, thank you for contacting me and thank you for not doing it in the way they hoped that you would. That means alot and tells me you are a gentleman and a good human being.

Best wishes,
With respect,
Evening Rain


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From: henri peter
To: Svhyeyi Aga
Sent: Thursday, January 30, 2003 11:25 AM
Subject: Re: copyright infringements!!!

this is henri peter.
you are using native americans from my paintings and using it for your art without giving me credit for it or linking my site. you never heard of me? where did you get my art then?

just as an example i'm sending you 3 cards that were made with my art. now do you know who henri peter is?

well, a lot of people do and that's why i have been advised of what you are doing. for example:


I saw these great images in a photo album They are copywrite by eveningrain BUT they sure look a lot like your artwork



Greetings Henri Peter,

Because your artwork is so unique and easy to identify, I thought you would be interested to know that others have been taking your creations, modifying them, and claiming the modified 'artwork' as their own. There are no links to the original creator of the artwork and the person is claiming your modified work as their own.

I'm sending you the first page of many that are filled with plagiarized artwork from you and others, so there is no misunderstandings of false claims. The webmaster of the particular page I've sent is named "Jeanne Hardwick", who lives in Maine. Others have brought lawsuits against Jeanne for theft of artwork, successfully shutting her webpages down.

ok?, this has been this week only. so please get in touch with me to settle this things between us. thanks, henri


SHE POSTED THIS ON HER YAHOO MAIL GROUP: (sent by a friend to me - thanks!)

From: Donna

Date: Thu Jan 30, 2003 1:41 pm
Subject: Beautiful & one of a kind Paintings by Henri Peter

You've seen his beautiful and most unique art work on webpages and possibly wondered who the artist is. Once you've seen one of his paintings, you'll recognize them anywhere. Now you can find out about Henri Peter and purchase your own! Check out the following notice about just one in a series of three. There are more to choose from and you'll find the prices very reasonable for such uniqueness and quality!

Visit Henri Peter's website here: Please remember that if you want to use any images found on Henri Peter's website, write and obtain permission before "taking". If permission is granted to use his images, please also remember to include a link to his website! It's just common courtesy. _________________________________________________________________________


So if you are attacked for creating graphics and/or digital art using Paint Shop Pro and Picture Tubes, in which we all have gained the right to use, this is the woman responsible for that.

When will this sort of internet terrorism stop from individuals such as this?

Why does Yahoo condone this? The usage of their email lists to harass, spread false allegations and rumors about individuals without any proof at all?

Is this free speech or stalking?

Be AWARE and let your friends know about this woman before you are next on her hit list.